Plan Your Virtual Visitas and We'll Predict Your Harvard Future

By Andy Zhuo

You’ve done it! You’ve impressed all of your relatives and friends, successfully completed your five-year plan from eighth grade, and updated all of your social media accounts to include H ‘25 in your bio. Now what? As shocking as it may be, there is a future at Harvard and after Harvard. Keep reading to find out yours based entirely on your Virtual Visitas experience (yes, it’s decided that early).

1. Which club events are you planning on attending?

a) All of them! I just don’t know when to stop!

b) Just the ones that sound interesting enough to take full advantage of my five minute attention span.

c) Anything that has finance or consulting or money in its name!

d) I pretend I do not see

2. What’s the random webinar that somehow made it into your schedule?

a) A HUDS presentation. I hunger for knowledge and food alike!

b) Something useful that I might have the chance to take advantage of soon, like study abroad! (Author’s note: RIP)

c) Larry’s Welcome. Never too early to get my network on.

d) A Bridgerton rewatch

3. How have you been meeting people from your class?

a) I created the class GroupMe, so they all know me already!

b) Created a Facebook just to send some ~friend requests~ a la Zuck

c) My LinkedIn just crossed 500+ connections

d) I accept their Instagram follow requests after wondering how they found me

4. What is your ~intended~ concentration?

a) I’ll explore some biology classes and then make my decision!

b) Probably not anything STEM-related...

c) Finance. Wait. Econ then.

d) Why can’t we just call them majors?

5. Most confusing Harvard lingo?

a) What’s the difference between El Jefe’s and Felipe’s?

b) Is Harvard Time a thing of the past?

c) What are all these Houses and how do I get one?

d) Anything with an acronym


Mostly As: Over-Achieving Pre-Med

You’ve probably got another 10-year plan ready to go. And that’s totally great! Just remember to let yourself have some fun while you grind for these next four years and impress everyone you talk to!

Mostly Bs: The Well-Balanced Person We All Want to Be

Work-life balance? You’ve been besties for years, and we’re jealous of you for that. We (and the people from Harvard who will ask you for donations the moment you graduate) can’t wait to see what you will achieve.

Mostly Cs: Proud Snake

The worst kinds of snakes are those that pretend not to be. But you? You’re a snake and you’re proud. Whether it’s telling anyone who will listen about your stock portfolio or posting all of your finance-related clubs on your LinkedIn, you have a clear goal and will slither your way to success.

Mostly Ds: Still Figuring It Out

Let’s be real, this one’s most of us. The best part? You’ll have about four years to figure it out! You might change your mind multiple times, change it back, and finally actually find yourself. Can we ask for anything more?

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