What Your Fall Jacket Says About You

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Cambridge has finally hit us with the notorious cool temperatures. (Why did it lowkey catch me off guard?) As I shuffled through all my packed coats from storage, I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone else was going to be wearing now that the temp has hit below 50. So, being the very observant person I am, I took note on a chilly day and created personalities for you based on your jacket!

Pea/Trench Coat

Come through, fashion icon! You care a lot about layering and love looking put-together. (You do it flawlessly btw). Your fit is probably on my pinterest board!

Normal Puffer Coat

You’re practical and love being warm. Winter and fall make very little difference to you. You also probably give people perplexed stares when they aren’t wearing a jacket!

Short Puffer Coat

Okay influencer! Extra points if it’s a really thick/puffy one! You also like being warm but feel like it’s just a little too early to bring out the winter puffer. Your pants are usually really cute and accentuate your outfit well.


You’re not as practical or warm as the former jacket-wearers, however you look so stylish! This does not apply if your shacket is wool-lined. If that’s the case, then you are smarter than all of us. (Note: for those who do not know, a shacket is essentially a cross between a shirt and jacket. Think plaid shirt jacket and that’s the general vibe here.)

Canada Goose

It’s not time yet, guys. Nothing further to say.

Leather Jacket

I find you very cool. It’s hard to pull off but those who do, really do it well! You probably have on cute sneakers or docs and I may or may not have a crush on you.


Comfort is key for you and you just care about getting to class and coming back to nap. Gotta respect it!

To those I left out, don’t feel unseen. You’re too hard to figure out and don’t fit in with the masses. Keep being original :)

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