What Kind of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ Listener Are You?

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The release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” has rocked Swifties’ worlds like no other. Fans everywhere have been listening to the album on repeat (taking breaks only to watch her short film and SNL features and maybe eat). But not all Swifties are created equal. If you’re still reeling from “All Too Well: The Short Film” and need a distraction, take this quiz to find out what kind of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” listener you are!

How do you feel about autumn on campus?

A) Don’t get the big deal — fall’s just another season

B) Anti-autumn — why are people so obsessed with dying trees??

C) Favorite season of the year — can’t get enough of the fall foliage. I’ve never been happier than when witnessing New England fall

D) It’s time for pics!! — Instagram is about to be popping with all these photos romanticizing fall

How do you participate in Harvard’s football scene?

A) Go all out for Harvard-Yale and ghost football for the rest of the year

B) Repost the Instagram graphic of Harvard being #1 in the Ivy League

C) Can be found cheering for Harvard at every game, even against Georgetown

D) Wear crimson head-to-toe and stand in the superfan section for every game — ROLL CRIM!

What is your go-to study spot?

A) Depends on my mood and the kind of work I have

B) Go-to spot? That kind of commitment is a little intense for me

C) Widener through and through. There’s no better way to experience the ~liberal arts education~

D) Camping in Lamont for hours on end, equipped with hydration and snacks for the entire night

How do you do meals at Harvard?

A) Only pull up to the d-hall when there’s chicken tenders or sweet potato fries

B) “Let’s grab a meal sometime” but proceed to never actually grab a meal

C) Enjoy HUDS food with my closest friends and catch up on each other’s days during meals

D) Use my meal companions as my therapist and just vent for 30 minutes before returning to work

How do you do the readings for class?

A) I don’t do them and wait for someone to speak first in discussion to make something up based on their response

B) I skimmed a few paragraphs will rave about how intellectually stimulating they were

C) I read them all a few days ahead of time and have been mulling them over to prepare for discussion

D) I read them in detail with a full array of highlighters and pens at my disposal for intense annotations


Mostly A’s: Bandwagon Swiftie

You’re a new Taylor fan that got into her music recently. Old fans have some beef with you for not sticking with Tayor through her “Reputation” era, but at least you hopped on the Taylor train eventually and can appreciate good music. Glad this finally happened for you.

Mostly B’s: Fake Fan

You listened to the album to be in the know but don’t actually get what the big deal is. It sounds like every other pop album. You probably didn’t make it all the way through and only really listened to relate to everyone around you.

Mostly C’s: OG Swiftie

You’re an old fan that grew up listening to Taylor. The new album has you in your feels, especially since you’ve been waiting for this album to come out for ages. The perfect fall weekend coinciding with the album dropping was written in the stars and you can’t get enough of your “Red”-era Taylor.

Mostly D’s: Emotionally Invested Swiftie

You listened to the album 10+ times already. “All Too Well” has destroyed you in ways you didn’t know it could. Emotional stability is an unattainable privilege at this point but at least the album is free therapy.

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