How to: Cope With Missing Your Pets

By Courtesy of Saturday Night Live

A lot of things developed over early quarantine: my crippling TikTok addiction, whipped coffee, and my pets and I became really close. Like, really close — to the point of separation anxiety. And while we may not be able to be with them, try a few of these ideas to help cope with missing them!

“Adopt” a dog on campus

There are so many cute dogs on campus from tourists, proctors, and families, all of which could be “yours.” While we cannot condone stealing someone’s pet, “adopt” one — go visit your local proctor and offer to take their dog on walks or pet-sit! While respecting social distancing and with permission, you could also pet some local dogs and make a new friend. Pro tip: as a Quadling, I can tell you the Quad has an abnormally large amount of cute dogs. And if campus dogs aren’t enough, go check out one of Cambridge’s multiple dog parks!

(Secretly) foster kittens

In times like these, we must all adjust to new ways of life. With no guests allowed in rooms, we have been presented with an immense challenge this semester, but also a wonderful possibility: fostering kittens. These little balls of fluff would provide immeasurable joy and it would be as beneficial to you as it would for them! For ~legal reasons~ we? do not condone fostering kittens… But realistically, how would anyone know? Food for thought...

Facetime your pets!

Call your family under the pretense of talking to them and demand to speak with your pet! While you can’t see their cute faces in person currently, their nose pressed up against the camera is a serotonin boost and a great photo-op. From personal experience, results can vary, as my dog gets very excited and my cat feigns disinterest and acts as if she has no idea who I am. However, it is still highly recommended.

Adopt a rock/plant

Need a companion but just don’t have the time to take care of it? Why not adopt a rock! You can paint it, talk to it, and keep it on your desk to study with you. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. Or buy a plant! Very similar to the rock, but with slight responsibilities. Just water as required and bam!

Befriend the squirrels

Campus has a lot of squirrels. Yes, they are pretty thicc and alarmingly aggressive, but also could be a good pal. All you need to do is channel your inner Snow White, don’t flinch when they run at you maliciously, and win over their hearts. Disclaimer: this has not yet been done successfully, so befriend the squirrels at your own risk. High risk, high reward type of scenario.

Although all of these are guaranteed to bring you immense joy, we know none of them can really replace seeing your pet now that you’re away from home. Hang in there! Soon you will be together again!

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