Sleeping Tips for the Suboptimal School Schedule (Zoom Edition)

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The clock doesn’t stop for anyone at Zoom Central — but what can be done for the unlucky ones no longer accustomed to Harvard Standard Time? Whether you’re an hour or two off schedule or logging onto Canvas at 3 a.m. every week, here are some tips for you to take on this remote semester with maximum efficiency.

Snap for Naps

While we all enjoyed a good, indulgent post-HUDS nap on campus, consider using those less-than-desirable habits to your advantage this semester! Mid-day or even evening naps will help alleviate any feelings of sleepiness if you need to be up for class at ungodly hours. By timing your naps so you clock a few Zs before nightfall, you’ll be ready to go for that midnight Zoom Breakout session without missing a beat.


Whether you opt for a steaming cup of green tea in the morning or down three espresso shots in a row, get your caffeine fix right before class for that welcome boost of energy. Remember to time it (the effects generally last a few hours) with just the right amount (not too little, not too much!). You don’t want to lose the caffeine rush too quickly or be bouncing off the walls at 4 a.m. when your synchronous suffering finally ends.

Blue Light Blues

While blue light glasses are all the rage in this modern era of screen time notifications and Zoom calls, consider using that hurdle to your advantage. Studies show that blue light intake just before bedtime keeps you awake longer than if you had turned off your screens earlier. Consider this a “go ahead” sign to scroll through TikTok and embrace your cottagecore-filled FYP for a while with fewer regrets...just don’t forget to join your lecture when the time comes!

Endorphins, Baby!

Get that heart pumping and those muscles regretting by working up a sweat before nighttime! Exercise releases endorphins that keep you energized for longer, which is just what you need to keep you up for your online classes. Embrace the Chloe Ting craze from the beginning of quarantine or try some cardio yoga to stretch your tight muscles after sitting in front of your computer for so long. Note that endorphins last for just an hour or two, so consider just a quick workout right before class so you can hit the hay once you click that red “Leave this Meeting” button.

While we may be scattered across the world, it is still possible to use the words “remote” and “successful” in the same sentence when describing this new semester. As a final inspirational mantra: May your Wi-Fi not lag and your Zoom not crash!

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