The Types of People in Your Zoom Lecture

By Sara Komatsu

We all know that Zoom has changed the game when it comes to lectures. It feels all too ~optional~ to do our work, and now we don’t have letter grades. Either way, keep reading for the ultimate rundown of all the types of people we’ve all been seeing in our Zoom lectures.

The One Actually Doing Work

This person is easy to spot. They always have their camera and audio on, look nice regardless of the time zone, and actually participate in class. You always see them writing or taking notes, and they’re definitely carrying the class on participation. Maybe they’ve lost all sense of self without school and have decided to throw themselves into their work, or maybe they just have nothing better to do — who knows?

The One With the Virtual Background

Their video feed is always on solely to show you their virtual location. Some people choose a spot on campus like a classroom or dhall as their background, while others are just on the moon or lost in the grass picture that Zoom inexplicably comes with.

The One Who May or May Not Be In Class

You haven’t seen this classmate since you left campus. With their video and sound always off, it’s impossible to tell if this person is sitting in front of their computer watching TikToks, or if they’ve left completely to make lunch.

The One Who’s Constantly Eating

Speaking of lunch, this is your classmate who is never without a quarantine snack. Whether it’s a full meal, cereal, or just a pack of Oreos, they’re always making the rest of us jealous of their seemingly unending supply of tasty treats.

The One Who Doesn’t Even Go Here

There’ve been more and more problems with people crashing Zoom lectures, both to just awkwardly and silently creep and to be “funny” and disruptive. To them we say: get out, please just leave us in peace. We’re all already doing the best we can here, and you guys aren’t making it any easier.

There’s no question that spotting lecture personalities is 100% easier on Zoom – gallery view, anyone? – and the funny things that people do in class definitely have changed now that almost everyone’s off-campus. Hopefully, it keeps classes engaging if you need something else to pay attention to during lecture. Happy Zooming!

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