The Ultimate Zoom Wishlist

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Let’s be honest, Zoom meetings are survival of the fittest. Ever wonder how that one person is always so perky and put together during lecture? We’ve been keeping our eyes out for the most wanted items to help us (probably) make it through that 9 a.m. lecture (or honestly any lecture at this point). Take it from us: stop waiting for life to give you lemons — Amazon yourself some lemons, make some lemonade, and do your pset in style.

Blue Light Glasses

First up on the list are the seemingly omnipresent blue light glasses. Do these actually help? No idea. Will they make you look smarter and hide those fresh out of bed eyes? Potentially. Are they in my Amazon cart right now? Absolutely. Take this as your sign to finally satisfy that curiosity wondering if you would look good in glasses.

Hot Spot

Let’s be honest, Harvard Secure (and really Zoom connection in general) is pretty much as unreliable as our education right now, and that’s saying something. Take matters into your own hands and invest in a personal hotspot! Perfect to get out of your room and catch that Zoom lecture from the outdoor oasis you’ve been eyeing from your window. Tbh not really sure how to get one of these — call your network provider? Bombard HUIT with emails?

Laptop Bed Desk

Can’t drag yourself out of bed to make it to class (a whole five feet away at your desk)? Trust me, we’ve all been there. From now on, bring class to you! This lap desk gives you the professional feel of a desk, within the comfort of your own very warm, very cozy bed. Never suffer the pain of getting out of bed again. While we cannot guarantee increased productivity, better grades, or that you will remain conscious during the lecture, we can guarantee that it is a game changer.

Warming Coaster

You’ve lost a lot of good coffee due to the speed of Zoom lectures. You take a sip, put it down to take notes, and your next sip is ice cold. No more. Take your coffee (or other hot beverage) back and keep it warm with these USB connected Mug Warmer Coasters! They’ll heat your drink and make your computer overheat at the same time, so I guess your coffee will be twice as hot?

The Perfect Zoom Outfit

Business casual, but make it ~pajamas~. Let everyone at least think you have your life (moderately?) together! Or even get festive and put on your Halloween costume a few weeks early — we linked some of our favorites for inspiration. Honestly, who even knows what reality is anymore, but at least you’ll look fantastic (from the waist up)!

Horse Head

Some days you wake up and just don’t feel camera ready, but that 5 percent participation grade isn’t worth the sacrifice. With this, you can roll out of bed ready to go! Yes, we woke up like this. You’ll be all set for lectures, those awkward breakout rooms, and are guaranteed at least one or two private messages. Gotta make friends on Zoom somehow!

Realistically will any of these make Zoom better? We’d say 60/40 odds. But in times like these, you gotta do what you gotta do and take matters into your own hands. Trust us on this one. Happy studying, and may the odds be ever in your favor in this world of Zoom.

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