How to Make the Most of a Late Final

By Kathryn S. Kuhar

You may be stuck on campus until the last day of finals, but “stuck” is relative. Instead, think of your extended time on campus as an opportunity to take in Harvard/Cambridge for all it has to offer (and learn to enjoy campus at a time when the tourists outnumber students).

Justify Your Procrastination and Ease Reading Period Guilt

Maybe your last final is the latest it could possibly be, but instead of hating your professor, relish in the fact that you can go to formals without the guilt of needing to study eating away at you. So take your time getting ready for those formals, and have fun without feeling as if you should be in Lamont.

Maximize Time *Not* at Home

If you’re planning on staying close to home this summer or at least spending a few days back at home, think about your late final as a way to maximize your time not surrounded by all the people from your hometown you’ve been avoiding. Less time at home also means less time having to explain to your parents that you (still) have no idea want to do with your life.

Spend Time Enjoying Boston

It’s all too common to say that you wish you were able to visit Boston more throughout the semester, but now you finally have the time! You can visit the Museum of Fine Arts or that cool cafe you’ve been planning to check out for months now. Take this time between class and finals to not only study, but to appreciate your surroundings and take part in some much needed self-care.

Take Advantage of the Limited Nice Cambridge Weather

The enjoyable not-too-cold/not-too-hot Cambridge weather is only here for a limited period of time — and mostly when the majority of students aren’t on campus. Take advantage of your time here during mid-May to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air before the scorching summer hits.

If Nothing Else, Study

We know it’s a shocker, but maybe you can use the extensive time you have before your final to actually study. While all your friends are cramming, you can take your time and maybe check out some new study spots.

Enjoy the last few weeks you have on campus, and good luck on finals!

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