The Top 5 Reasons to Love Cabot Café

By Cynthia Guo

This shouldn’t even be considered a hot take: Cabot Café — or CabCaf, as it is affectionately called — is clearly an awesome Harvard café. Located in Cabot’s E entryway, it accepts BoardPlus; serves Hot Pockets, pastries, drinks with fun names (Chai Love Lucy, anyone?); and has a superior Spotify playlist — what else could you ask for? But wait, there’s more: It’s open until 1 a.m. Yeah, you heard that right — you can get your non-watered-down-dhall-coffee caffeine fix after midnight. These should be selling points enough, but here are a few other reasons why you should stop sleeping on Cabot Café:

Comfy and Varied Seating

Cabot Café has armchairs, couches, individual tables, and group tables for whatever study vibe you’ve got going on: curling up in a chair with a book, taking up all the real estate for those nights where literally every class has something due, or suffering through a pset with your fellow STEM concentrators.


The lighting is warm, with some fairy lights and student-submitted art hung up, as well as a new chalkboard where people can write positive messages. It’s not a quiet-only space, so while you’ll find people studying, it’s also a lovely place to go to just sit and catch up with your Quadling friends. Plus, if there’s a song you really want to listen to, the baristas take requests!


Cabot residents never stop gushing about how much they love the House’s community. Sitting in Cabot Café, you’ll experience firsthand the legendary strength and warmth of the Cabot community. Cabot Café is a community gathering space — Queer Cabot, for example, hosts several events here every semester. Cabot Café also has several board games for when you want to just relax for some friendly Catan competition or a game of gin rummy.

Access to Brain Break

Stop by the dhall to get some bread before settling down in Cabot Café with your specialty drink, like a Matcha Do About Nothing or Queen Bee Frappe.


You heard it here first: This year Cabot Café is serving milk jelly tea! That alone is reason enough to hop on the shuttle.

Honestly, we’re shocked Quadlings ever go to the river houses to study when Cabot Café exists. That should make you river residents feel extra special. Stop by Cabot Café sometime, and have the transformative experience for yourself. We hope we won’t regret revealing this hidden gem to you.

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