The 2018 Definitive Housing Day Video Ranking

By Lydia L. Cawley

Don’t even bother trying to hide the fact that you procrastinated the hell out of last week by watching Housing Day videos. We did too. For those of you out there who have self control and stopped after a few, we ranked all the vids for you, so you have an excuse to fall back down that rabbit hole.

4.6 stars

This year, Eliot takes the cake in creating what may have been the most hype video of the year. With great costumes, great lyrics, and fun and creative cinematography, Eliot achieves both hype and humor. Everyone knows they’re rolling in dough, and we appreciate them leaning into it.

Dunster - ‘Holding Out for Dunster’
4.5 stars

Dunster continues its trend of high quality videos complete with great vocals and amazing effects. What the video lacks in humor, they kind of make up for in cute children and the image of a moose riding nobly on a horse.

Mather- ‘Mathier Parti
4.3 stars

In a surprising turn of events, Mather gets a high rating. This was the second Cardi B song of the year, but are we mad? No. Points for consistent firing of shots and for making us forget how prison-like Mather is with all the singles braggin. Bonus points for not bleeping any of the swear words. Ballsy.

Pforzheimer - ‘Pforzheimer Things
4 stars

Pfoho came through with INCREDIBLE CINEMATOGRAPHY. The only reason this isn’t at the top is because, well, Cardi. And horses. Sorry, that’s just how the world works. But we are very impressed.

Cabot - ‘Party in The Quad All Day
4 stars

Cabot’s wholesome video made us feel warm inside. Maybe getting quadded isn’t so bad, with a community like Cabot’s.

Leverett - ‘BunnyBack
3.8 stars

With a cool drone shot, pizza rolls, and a corgi, Lev has all the elements a successful video needs. It’s not the best video ever made, but it has those three elements, so we’d say Leverett has earned their stars.

Winthrop - ‘Throp’s Plan
3.7 stars

For a video made with a “$150 minus $150” budget, this video featured a lion with some pretty solid dance moves. Though the overall video wasn’t too bad, Winthrop knew that they did not need to work too hard in the hype department to get freshmen stoked, and it shows.

Currier - ‘Woody Gang’
3.5 stars

We thought we had left "Gucci Gang" in 2017, but Currier redeems itself by featuring dogs and a cool duck. Extra points for cringe.

Quincy - ‘Quincy Air
3 stars

As Flyby, I guess we should give Quincy some credit for trying to have a flying theme. Though the attempts at humor via flirty comments weren’t the worst things we’ve ever been subjected to, the video was much too long for any person to be expected to suffer through.

Lowell - ‘Lowtel Room Service
2.5 stars

After “Get Lowell” from 2013, Lowell has always had a lot to live up to. We were invested at the beginning of the video, but unfortunately as it went on it got more and more mediocre and repetitive until we just couldn’t do it anymore.

Kirkland - ‘Kirkland
2.3 stars

Presented as a slideshow presentation, Kirkland really outdoes itself this year with its low audio quality and terrifically horrifying choice of “Friday” by Rebecca Black. However, since Kirkland wanted to live up to this...we decided to be generous.

Adams - ‘Adams Housing Day Video 2018
1.5 stars

We knew the only good thing about Adams was proximity, and we’d like to thank them for the confirmation.

So there you have it: Flyby’s definitive ranking of the Housing Day videos! Now that you’ve been housed, we suggest rewatching them so that you can relish in the magnificence of your own House while cackling at how lame and ridiculous the other Houses are.

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