Overheard at Sex Toys 101

There's no excuse for unsafe sex after this.
There's no excuse for unsafe sex after this. By Andy Fan

Whether you’re single and just can’t seem to get cuffed, or in a long term relationship looking to try something new, one truth is undeniable: We all could use a sex toy. That’s why it was no surprise that Sever 113 was filled with fresh faces for Sex Toys 101. Some people walked out with a new sex toy to try out, while others walked out having had their whole world changed. Here’re just some of the things we heard throughout the process.

“Female condom? That doesn’t sound helpful.”

We really hope this person attends more Sex Week events to develop their sexual literacy.

“Candy!” “Girl that’s not candy.”

Yes we advertised this on our Free Food Watch, but with a name like Sex Toys 101, we’re not sure what you expected exactly.

When passed a vibrator: “Oh it vibrates.”

We’re glad whoever this was showed up to the presentation, because it must’ve been a game changer for him/her.

“You can cuddle with a sex toy if you try hard enough.”

Not entirely sure about this, but this could be a revolution for the single folks among us.

On a fleshlight: “I bet I could pass this off as a flashlight.”

Fleshlight. Flashlight. Know the difference, it could save your dignity one day.

“Why didn’t you come here with your boyfriend?”

We think Sex Toys 101 sounds like a pretty ideal date spot. Then again, maybe this person wanted to surprise their significant other later on. We’ll assume best intentions.

“How would I get this out of my anus if it just went in and got stuck?”

Good question, and let’s hope no one has to find out: Being in the emergency room with a sex toy stuck in your butt is one thing your self-respect will never recover from.

“Didn’t win in bed, didn’t win in this raffle either.”

Well we can’t win everything, and sometimes we win nothing. Better luck next time.

Be sure to check out upcoming Sex Week events to do your own “overheard” and pick up a few freebies along the way.

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