Do's and Don'ts of Shopping Week

By Kane Hsieh

Ah, shopping week. That magical time when classes are “happening,” but not happening. For all of us making that painful transition back into the school year, this week seems like a great time to goof around and enjoy a few more precious days of summer. This plan is fun in the moment, but you may end up in classes that you absolutely loathe by mid-semester. Follow these do’s and dont’s to make the most of shopping week:

DO: Shop more than 4 classes! You won’t enjoy everything that looked interesting from the course guide, and scrambling to decide on a class after the first few meetings won’t be a great start to the year.

DON’T: Pick classes based on what your roommates, significant others, or even exes are doing. This is your education, and you need to do what you want. It may seem like you won’t survive an hour without your S.O. or a section with someone you can’t even speak to anymore, but it will all be okay. Don’t let anyone else talk you into something you don't want or out of something you do.

DO: Remember that the professors are pulling out all the stops this week. It’s not going to get better than the stunts they pull on the first day, so if you’re not intrigued now, you probably won’t be.

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