A Harvard Friendsgiving

By Melanie Y. Fu

If you are staying on campus over Thanksgiving, it can be painful to watch your roommates pack their bags and rant about their moms’ home-cooked pumpkin pies. What your roommates don’t know is that being in Cambridge over Thanksgiving is low-key the way to go. Whether you live too far away, you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or you simply don’t want to get used to the luxuries of being home, Flyby has the perfect week planned for you:

Figure out who is staying on campus and make a group chat
Break the ice by naming the group chat “Friendsgiving” (don’t forget the turkey emoji). This is definitely a gutsy move, but there is nothing more gratifying than a full table for the Thanksgiving meal that will be served at Dunster on Thursday, November 26. Stuff your face, there will be no judgment.

Continue your Friendsgiving festivities by preparing for Black Friday Shopping
This is arguably the best and most dangerous part of Thanksgiving. Whether you decide to go to Newbury Street or to the Wrentham Outlets, make sure to wake up early to get the best deals from your favorite stores. Beware of ruthless moms looking for Christmas gifts, seemingly sweet old ladies, and line-cutters who might leave you wishing you had slept in.

Become homies with the Pilgrims
Grab the Kingston/Plymouth Train and head to Plimoth Plantations to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving.

Lastly, throughout your Friendsgiving break, make sure to take plenty of pictures and post them on Instagram #flybythanksgiving to let your roommate know that, after all, homemade pumpkin pie is overrated.

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