7 Best Library Bag Checker Conversation Starters

Lamont Library has few loiters just before closing time on a July weeknight.
Lamont Library has few loiters just before closing time on a July weeknight.

By Jade A Sabatino

By now we’ve entered the heart of reading period, and students are becoming all too familiar with everything library. The design of desks, the furniture upholstery, and of course the quirks of each bag checker. Some will greet you with a “good evening” at 12 in the afternoon, and others seem to only know one word: “Books.” For all those times that you’ve wanted to take the conversation a little further, we present the Top 7 Bag Checker Conversation Starters!

1. Lotta books tonight?

Some nights bag-checkers see a lot of books, other nights they might also see a lot of books, but maybe less? This is like the equivalent of asking a taxi driver if it’s been a busy shift.

2. Have you caught any book thieves lately?

Judging by the full Securitas army stationed at every library entrance, I have to guess that some book burglary must go on. If this guy had been a little less conspicuous he might have even been able to nab the Gutenberg Bible.

3. Do you have a favorite library on campus?

A nice friendly question, and who better knows the libraries than they do. Maybe they’re a classic kind of person and prefer Widener, maybe they’re super trendy and like the Graduate School of Design library.

4. What’s the strangest thing you’ve found lately?

Students carry all kinds of strange stuff with them, maybe your bag checker has a good story about the time a student tried to smuggle out a stapler or an exact replica of a human skull.

5. Does it seem quiet in here?

Lame jokes are great for filling that long awkward silence in between the time it takes you to open your bag and close it.

6. How about the weather?

Seriously a winner every time and there’s ALWAYS something to complain about.

7. Would you like to take a selfie?

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