On the Seventh Day of Reading Period...

The end of the semester is a stressful time, and we all need to remember to relax every now and then. Flyby is here to help! This is the seventh and final installment in our Seven Days of Reading Period series, inspired by "The Twelve Days of Christmas." Thanks for reading!
On the seventh day of reading period, Flyby gave to me seven finals study songs:

“Hall of Fame” - The Script
Let The Script and will.i.am inspire you to greatness with lyrics like “dedicate yourself and you gonna find yourself sitting in the hall of fame.” 

“I Lived” - OneRepublic
Another alternative-pop optionm if that's your thing. “I Lived” invites you to study as hard as you can, or as OneRepublic says, “the only way you can know, is give it all you can.”

“New Year” - Beach House
The lyrical complexities of “New Year” by Beach House may just trigger your intellectual curiosity, enabling you to study more effectively.

“Appalachian Spring - 1945 Suite: 7. Doppio Movimento: Variations On a Shaker Hymn” composed by Aaron Copland
Aaron Copland’s classic American composition is based on a Shaker Hymn. To us, it seems to suggest a quaint, peaceful, small town while retaining a degree of majesty. The song’s calming effect is perfect for some of your more stressful studying moments.

“Serenade No. 13 in G Major, K. 525, 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik: Allegro' composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
With a nickname meaning “A little night music” in German, this quintessential Mozart composition is perfect for late-night study sessions.

“King and Lionheart” - Of Monsters and Men
The lyrics of the Icelandic Of Monsters and Men set them apart from most other bands, running the gamut from standard love songs to complex Medieval fairy tales. In between is “King and Lionheart,” a love song whose lyrics would not seem out of place in a Lord of the Rings movie. You, too, will be a "lionheart" when you find the courage to re-watch all the lectures you dozed through this semester.

“The Streets” - Avalanche City
This uplifting song by the New Zealand-based act Avalanche City features solid lyrics that will raise your spirits when you’re feeling down, and has a nice progression that will help you focus while studying.

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