Toward a Higher Higher Education

By Julien Berman

The Legal Battle Over Abortion Is Coming to Campus

College campuses are hubs of sexual activity. For the first time in their lives, many students have the freedom to mingle outside the panopticon of parental supervision. But lots of sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Almost 40 percent of women who seek abortions are under 24 years old.

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Adjuncts: The Faculty Underclass

In the last few weeks, Harvard’s contingent faculty campaigned to form a union and organized their first rally, urging the University to increase compensation, job security, and other workplace protections. For many, it may be hard to empathize with the faculty’s grievances. After all, who could complain about teaching at one of the top universities in the world?

But for adjuncts — part-time professors paid per course — it’s not all glitz and glamor. In fact, across the country, higher education continues to underpay and overwork this faculty underclass.

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The Real Free Speech Threat on College Campuses

I know, I know, another article about free speech on campus. But frankly, nearly every piece misses the mark. I think many agree that free speech is under threat at universities, but for the wrong reasons.

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Are Lectures Obsolete?

Think of the biggest changes in the past 100 years. Troves of information once confined to a few libraries in the world are now accessible at the click of a button. Messages that would once take weeks to deliver can now reach their destinations almost instantaneously. Movies can be streamed on demand almost anywhere in the world. But you know what is almost exactly the same as it was 100 years ago? Higher education.

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