Star Signs

By Christina M. Xiao

You Are the Sun, the Moon, and All the Stars

Every year, like a distorted New Year’s resolution with none of the cake or confetti, I compare myself to a dreamscape version of myself. Dream Christina has a nice singing voice and kind eyes. Dream Christina knows how to keep a conversation going. They are the kind of cool that makes people want to stop them on the street and ask where they got their fit.

In reality, I have an okay singing voice, okay eyes, an okay ability at facilitating conversation, an okay sense of style. In reality, I have no fewer than six different documents listing life goals, action items for the semester, bucket lists, skills to learn, things about myself to fix, and ambitions so deep they’re almost shameful.

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Starry Night

Today’s horoscopes are as follows. Cancer: This is a period of restlessness and change. Don’t forget yourself and where you came from. You are stronger than the waves ahead of you. Virgo: Remember that the people you love feel the same for you, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Leo: You are meant for great things. You will achieve what you set out to do this week.

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