Science n’ Tradition

By Sandhya Kumar

The Uncompromisable Eight Hours

If you walk into Lamont Library at 4 a.m., you will likely find many resolute Harvard students finishing essays, working on problem sets, or cramming for exams. These are the Lamonsters. Lamonsters are a special breed of student intent on taking advantage of Lamont Library’s 24-hour availability, and clearly willing to compromise on spending time on other seemingly unimportant things in life, like sleep.

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Why I Call Home(Sickness)

I FaceTime my entire family every day. I often get surprised looks when I tell my peers this fact; they frequently claim that’s too much communication. The thing is, I may suffer from the disease of homesickness.

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Caffeine Culture

Growing up, my parents always told me caffeine was bad for you.

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The Possible Plague of John Harvard’s Foot

Walking into Harvard Yard for the first time, my eyes immediately settled on the prominent statue of John Harvard — commonly known as the statue of three lies. An icon of Harvard’s campus since 1884, the statue draws copious admirers every year, many of them at the ready with clicking cameras. On any given day, people line up to take a picture with John, and — advertently or inadvertently — end up rubbing his left foot in the hopes of earning good luck for themselves.

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