Nooks and Crannies

By Shanivi Srikonda

Annenberg Must Cater to All

Walking into Annenberg for the first time transports you. Enveloped by exquisite stained glass and with the eyes of Shakespeare and Dante piercing down at you, the grandeur often associated with Harvard becomes unmistakably palpable. Originally conceived as a way to honor the Harvard graduates who fought for the Union in the Civil War, Annenberg became the freshman dining hall in 1994, serving about 3,400 meals a day as of 2009.

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The Women in the Kitchens

The status of women at Harvard has come a long way since 1869, when University President Charles W. Eliot said in his inaugural address that “the Corporation will not receive women as students into the College proper, nor into any school whose discipline requires residence near the school.”

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The Friendly Ghosts of Widener Stacks

Only thirty steps separate you from the front door of Widener Library, although it seems like so many more as you look up at the building. Looming over Tercentenary Theater, Widener is a hulking, more than a century-old presence that exudes an air of endurance — you can almost feel the building’s age when you’re inside.

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