Leafing By

By Aneesh C. Muppidi

Splash of Koilor

Remember September when we were all bright-eyed and filled with the kind of enthusiasm that had us promising to do all of our General Education readings and actually show up to section? Yeah, me neither. Still, there was definitely a passion at the start of the semester. But sometime between midterms and group projects, that passion packed up and took a sabbatical, leaving us in a state lovingly referred to as “burnout.”

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The Courtyards

Why would I ever venture to Leverett, Dunster, or Kirkland outside of the rare occasion I find myself rushing through because of some mission — grabbing a meal, attending a meeting, or heading to office hours?

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Only a Brief Detour

“Shortcut?" I thought, eyeing a barely visible gate obscured by dense bushes while hurrying to my neuroscience lecture in the Biolabs.

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The Best-Kept SECret

As a freshman, I vowed to stay as far from the Science Engineering Complex as possible. Fast forward to my junior year, and I’m practically married to the place, clocking in from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. I’ve become friendly with the FlyBy lady, begged security guards to help locate my perpetually lost AirPods, and even splurged on a BlueBike membership for late-night treks back. I wouldn’t be surprised if I soon find myself taking advantage of those SEC showers — such is the life of a Computer Science concentrator!

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You Just Can’t Get Lost

Not too far off the beaten path lies a part of campus that most undergraduates seem to avoid: the Harvard Divinity School. You may ask yourself, “Why on earth would I find myself at the Divinity School? Isn’t it just teeming with monks, introspective philosophers, and, let’s be honest, a few internally-confused cult leaders in the making?” Maybe, but tucked away amidst the grandeur of the gothic buildings, there’s a spot that even the most devout of skeptics would find hard to resist.

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