By Alexander Junxiang Chen

The Interesting Thing About Interest

In addition to his famous quip about “death and taxes” that seems to roam around the interwebs every year come mid-April, Benjamin Franklin’s whimsical monetary musings also extend to something else that strikes fear into all who hear it spoken of: debt.

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Open Spaces

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,

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We’ve Always Been Global

At the California high school I attended, “Global Studies” was a course that every student had to take during their freshman year. The textbook of choice was, perhaps unsurprisingly for a public school, a bit dated, with that early 2000s beige look and feel that many readers might not find too difficult to picture.

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Of Bitcoin and Barbarians

You couldn’t miss it if you tried. From YouTube adverts starring celebrity comedians to incessant news stories touting another broken price record, “it” was cryptocurrency, a movement taking the world by storm in 2021 and 2022. Largely born out of libertarian currents in the wake of the last financial crisis and limited in scope to Internet subcommunities for years, crypto had finally entered into the mainstream.

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