A Deeper Dive Into Harvard's Faith

By Ellie H. Ashby

An Ode to Columns

Everyone on the Editorial Board knows two facts about me. First, my dad is a pastor and my mom is a therapist. Second, my name is synonymous with columns.

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Religion as a Mover of Social Change: The Pronoun Envy Episode

The geographic epicenter of my classes has shifted through my time at Harvard.

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Religious History at the Margins: A Reconstruction

There are a few debates regarding what Harvard University was like in the 1940s. A 1965 Crimson article declares that, during the ’40s, “Harvard was almost the Berkeley of its time,” while a 1988 Crimson article says Harvard’s 1940s culture was “a bastion of conservatism.”

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Turning the Light on Protestantism and Harvard’s Hypocrisy

I joke that I can map out my entire childhood by way of religious experiences. I remember the first time I saw snow in Atlanta, Ga. — March 1, 2009 — because that was the day I took my first communion. An art gallery housed my childhood church, and the pastor’s daughters would entertain us all with stories when the adults were catching up after a service.

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