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Artist Profile: Micah Write and Smokeintheye are a Hip-Hop Dynamic Duo

Portrait of Micah Write and Smokeintheye by Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo
Portrait of Micah Write and Smokeintheye by Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo By Courtesy of Ramon "1000WORD$" Lazo
By Ryan S. Kim, Crimson Staff Writer

Two rising hip-hop stars, Micah Write from Jersey City and Smokeintheye from Rockland County, N.Y., are together as a duo paving their way to the forefront with their unique sound and unwavering dedication to the craft. As part of the underground scene, they're resurrecting the essence of real hip-hop, offering a breath of fresh air to listeners yearning for authenticity.

The duo first crossed paths online, bonding over their shared passion for hip-hop and complementary styles. This connection allowed them to forge a strong bond despite the geographical distance between them, eventually leading to the creation of their joint album “Live Many Times, Die Many Times.”

Micah Write and Smokeintheye draw their influences from various sources, including Westside Gunn and Griselda Records, which brought the classic hip-hop sound back into the mainstream.

“Westside Gunn and Griselda, Rome Streetz, they took this sound to a whole other level,” Smokeintheye said.

This revival of the old-school New York rap sound has inspired them to create music that resonates with the underground scene while simultaneously breaking through to a broader audience.

Both artists believe they are part of a larger movement, one that's making waves in the industry and challenging the mainstream. According to the duo, the underground scene they identify with include the likes of ANKHLEJOHN, al.divino, Estee Nack, Rome Streetz, and Pro Dillinger, who also hails from Rockland County.

“It’s like we're coming up from the underground now,” Smokeintheye said.

The duo’s journey gained momentum when they met the photographer 1000WORD$ at a performance in Brooklyn.

“He came up to me after the performance and showed love,” Write said. “Which was cool in itself.” However, the interaction didn’t stop there. “He tapped in and he offered us a couple of shows. You know he did a lot for us” This connection provided the duo with opportunities to perform and grow their fan base, solidifying their place in the underground scene.

Write emphasized a sense of unity and professionalism within the scene as something both artists appreciate.

“I have yet to see any real drama that's toxic and harmful to the culture and the scene as a whole,” Write said. “Everybody's making a conscious effort to keep it that way.”

In a time where the mainstream can often feel disconnected from the roots of hip-hop, Micah Write and Smokeintheye serve as a powerful reminder of the genre's rich history and potential for growth. As they forge ahead, their passion and creativity will undoubtedly continue to inspire the next generation of hip-hop artists.

As for their future endeavors, Micah Write and Smokeintheye are currently working on individual projects with producer skunkp32, while continuing to develop their sound as a duo.

“We want to build our own thing that's unique to us,” Write said. “And take our time with it, to give people something with substance.”

With their unwavering dedication to the craft and passion for real hip-hop, Micah Write and Smokeintheye are undoubtedly set to make a lasting impact on the industry. As they continue to rise from the underground, they carry with them the spirit of the hip-hop renaissance, a testament to their commitment and talent.

—Staff writer Ryan S. Kim can be reached at

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