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Artist Profile: Chase Fetti is a Rising Star from New Jersey

Portrait of Chase Fetti by Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo
Portrait of Chase Fetti by Ramon ‘1000WORD$’ Lazo By Courtesy of Ramon "1000WORD$" Lazo
By Ryan S. Kim, Crimson Staff Writer

Chase Fetti is one of the best rappers to come out of New Jersey in years. With an ear for vintage beats and a knack for raw lyricism, Fetti has become a standout figure in the East Coast underground scene. Hailing from the small city of Cliffwood, Fetti uses his music to reflect his Jersey upbringing, overcoming obstacles through his relentless drive to evolve artistically. As a result, Fetti has garnered a dedicated fan base and secured collaborations with prominent artists like Westside Gunn, 38 Spesh, Benny the Butcher, Elcamino, and more.

Fetti developed his distinct style and honed his craft by staying true to his Jersey roots and drawing inspiration from his immediate surroundings. According to the rapper, growing up in Cliffwood was tough, but his upbringing is something that inspires his music.

“Ain’t shit else but to sell drugs where I’m from,” Fetti said in a sit-down interview with The Harvard Crimson. “It's just a jail town, motherfuckers is in and out of jail.”

Cliffwood helped Fetti become the artist he is today.

“I'm the only rapper from Jersey that goes everywhere by myself. Chains on,” the rapper said.

This self-reliant attitude has led him to unique opportunities, such as meeting and collaborating with artists like Westside Gunn and Benny the Butcher, who appreciate Fetti’s authenticity.

Fetti was featured on Gunn’s September 2021 album “Hitler Wears Hermes 8: Side B,” a follow up to his appearance on the soundtrack to Griselda and BSF’s 2021 original feature film “Conflicted.” The Jersey rapper shared that he secured his placement on “Side B” at a video shoot for BSF rapper Heem. Westside Gunn and BSF founder Benny the Butcher were also in attendance and asked Fetti to contribute to the project.

“After that, I went to the studio with them to record the ‘Hitler’ joint. If I'm in a session and even if I ain't getting on a song, I'm writing the verse,” Fetti said, elaborating that if anyone “got eight bars” for him “I got that motherfucker.”

Chase Fetti’s rap career has been characterized by his independent spirit and determination. As an independent artist, Fetti manages himself and makes his own business decisions. Over the past two years, the artist has been on three tours, spending his own money to make it all happen. Touring, Fetti said, is hard.

“I went on tour with Butch. I didn’t pay to go on a tour, but I didn't get paid. I spent like 20 bands on that tour. This shit ain't for the weak. This shit is hard mentally and especially financially: If you ain't got no paper, pack this shit up because you're wasting your time,” Fetti explained.

Before making his mark on hip-hop, Chase Fetti was an accomplished high school basketball player in New Jersey, competing in the Amateur Athletic Union. He played alongside Andrew Bynum, who would later become a famous center for the Los Angeles Lakers. Fetti's time on the court helped shape his competitive spirit and determination, which he has carried over into his music career.

Eventually, Fetti traded sport for music. “Music is really the only way to make it,” he said.

Fetti shared that his upcoming project "Blender Talk" is finished and ready to be released. According to the rapper, the tape will showcase his growth as an artist and features production from Snub, as well as guest verses from Benny the Butcher, Elcamino, Conway the Machine, Tsu Surf, and more. Fetti also revealed plans for future projects with Boldy James and 38 Spesh.

“I can't wait to drop that shit. I ain't dropped a solo tape in two years. I didn't even notice. I just been floating around,” Fetti said. “I ain’t even noticed that all that time passed, because I was in motion.”

Fetti shared that 2023 will be a big year for him. "I just got to get the ball rolling,” the Cliffwood rapper added. “I'm gonna shake some shit up this year."

—Staff writer Ryan S. Kim can be reached at

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