In Photos: Denzel Curry at Roadrunner

By Alisa S. Regassa, Crimson Staff Writer
By Courtesy of Teal Migliaccio

By Courtesy of Teal Migliaccio

Florida-rapper Denzel Curry released his first mixtape “King Remembered Underground Tape 1991–1995,” in 2011.

AG Club’s Baby Boy waves at the Boston crowd.

The duo from AG Club, Baby Boy and Jody Fontaine, blew away the audience with their unabating energy.

Denzel Curry basks in the spotlight of the teals and indigos that color his album artwork from “Melt My Eyez See Your Future.”

Marcus Morton, also known as redveil, rapped passionately to alternative-rap beats.

“Let me see that shoe,” he said after a shoe was thrown at him from an over enthusiastic fan. “Fuck that shoe!” he yelled and chucked it back into the laughing crowd.

AG Club’s Jody Fontaine dons a hoodie with their new album, “Impostor Syndrome”’s artwork on it.

Thanks to Curry and his openers, Roadrunner was filled to the brim with hype and energy for an unforgettable celebration of rap.