The Ultimate Commencement-Time Bucket List

By Ryan N. Gajarawala
Grab your friends and complete the ultimate commencement-time bucket list!
By Trula J. Rael

By Trula J. Rael

Your four years at Harvard are (almost) over, which means that there’s no time like the present to actually do those “oh yeah, it would be cool to do that someday” activities on campus and around Boston. Grab your friends and try to conquer this list — you don’t want to look back on your college days and regret all of the things you never got to do!

Late Night Food Crawl

Treat yourself to the ultimate Harvard Square drunk food experience. After an evening of indulgence, try to hit all of the classics: Kong, El Jefe’s, Felipe’s, and Noch’s! Feeling ambitious? Add on as many other favorite stops as you want. You might as well come up with a point ranking system while you’re at it and determine the true winner among late night stops in the Square.

Who doesn't love a late night food crawl?
Who doesn't love a late night food crawl? By Ryan N. Gajarawala

Night at the Museum

Whatever you do, don’t graduate without checking out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Luckily, there’s a Senior Week activity the evening of May 22 where you can live out your wildest "Night at the Museum" dreams (complete with beer and wine) while finally checking this amazing spot off of your list.

Last Chance Dance

Let’s be real — who doesn’t have a regrettable memory or two from First Chance Dance? On May 23, you’ll have your chance to make up for that fateful night, or at least reminisce with your friends, at the Royale in Boston.

Arnold Arboretum

The Arnold Arboretum is a gorgeous 281-acre area in Jamaica Plain filled with trees, plants, and plenty of paths to wander. As it turns out, it is affiliated with Harvard, so if you haven’t been before, you might as well go before you graduate. Take the Orange line to Forest Hills to infuse your senior week with a bit of nature.

It's sooooooo pretty
It's sooooooo pretty By Krystal K. Phu

Pay Homage to The Stores that Got You Through

What would the Harvard experience be without Tommy’s Value, Louie’s Superette, or University Wine Shop (for you Quadlings out there)? Return to the places that got you through it all, find the oddest things you can buy, and make some memories. Be sure to chat with Dr. Cheng-San “Louie” Chen at Louie’s if you’ve never had the chance — he often has stories to tell.

Gotta love Louie! Go and stop by before you graduate.
Gotta love Louie! Go and stop by before you graduate. By Sarah Wu

No matter how you spend your Senior Week, make sure to take advantage of everything that Harvard has to offer!

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